Wednesday, October 15, 2014


18th September 2014 ~ On the last day, before we went back to Jakarta to catch our flight home, after checking out from the hotel, we were driven to Tangkuban Parahu as planned. It was another volcanic mountain, something like Kawah Putih, but there was no water in the crater. 

We were among the early birds. Similar to other tourist spots, there stalls selling all sorts of things and also street peddlers who followed us around but the best thing to do was just to IGNORE them, politely.

Other than observing the surrounding, the smell of sulfur was thick in the air and I have a feeling it sticks to my clothes, I still smelled of sulfur when I arrived home the day after. 

meeting another fellow Malaysians

a street performer

This was a special wood that we saw at one of the stalls. When the bark was cut, we could see a beautiful  batik pattern on its surface. Beautiful vases, as well as other souvenir item, are produced from this wood.

Suddenly, there were two hot babes joining our tour group

That was the end of the Angklung Group of SMK Taman Universiti, Johor Bahru, 5D4N trip to Jakarta and Bandung. It was a trip I think everyone would remember for a long time even though we would go on our separate ways after this. I doubt that we would have the chance to travel together again in a group like this, but perhaps we might be reunited in a smaller expedition in the future. Only time will tell. Thank you everybody - for the company and good time in Indonesia.