Friday, October 24, 2014


The palace was first built in May 1782 and more buildings were added from time to time. There were just too many structures that I did not know what they really were. You should either get a guide when visiting this place, study the history beforehand or spend more time reading the brochure provided. We spent quite some time here, admiring the beautiful architecture and trying to avoid the endless flow of visitors walking all around the place and blocking our view and camera lens.

We came across two people doing restoration work. The wall of the palace was adorned with coloured mirrors/glasses that were cut into very small pieces in diamond shapes and before sticking them using glue (I supposed). It was like doing a huge collage work, or trying to fix small pieces of jigsaw puzzles to create a colourful design.

The next time you are in Bangkok, make sure you reserve at least half a day to be here. We were glad we did.

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