Monday, March 30, 2015


the "Adat" House

17th March 2015 ~ The next stop was at Sahro Weaving Village in Sukarara. The visitors were first shown a demonstration on how weaving was traditionally done by a villager.

Then, if you are enthusiastic enough, you could get a hands-on experience, of course guided the more experienced one. According to the Sasak custom, a girl must be able to weave before she could be kidnapped and hidden by his lover, and then only the man would ask the girl's parents for the hands in marriage. Weaving is in a way a prerequisite for a girl to become a wife in Lombok, once. 

spooling the thread manually

Lombok coffee

The next activity was trying on the traditional Sasak costumes which consisted of multitude of colours woven in geometrical designs.  

This could be one place to buy handwoven cloth which is high in quality but I am not sure of the price. For men, you could buy your "kain samping" or "kain pelikat" here. You could still bargain for a lower price before purchasing and the materials were just too attractive not to buy.