Tuesday, March 24, 2015


16th March 2015 ~ We had first to hike up a hill, thank God in a Land Rover. I was suddenly in a Camel Adventure series rally and the bumpy right with more than 10 people in it was surprisingly fun. The passengers, mostly family members, were laughing loudly every time the vehicle bumped up and down on the track. Thankfully, no one was thrown out, even the three people who were sitting on the bonnet of the truck were safe.

Then we had to walk down steep stairs (and later walked up on the way back, which was a torture) to get to the waterfall. On the way there, there would be small streams of water on the wall on one side of the hill 

Finally, from afar, I could see the cascading waterfall which was a sight to behold. After taking a few long distance photos of the waterfall, we marched downhill to see what nature had to offer.