Monday, March 23, 2015


a villager who happened to be passing by

16th March 2015 ~ The next stop was another house in a village called Semotoh. It was just a short stop as the resident of the house who is also the uncle to Mr. Haiqal (my form four student) owned a Land Rover that would be used to get us to the next destination: a waterfall.

It was a big traditional house and was told it is much colder here if compared to the previous house visited. Again, there were numerous fruit trees at the back complete with fish pools with a river just nearby.

Can you see the fish in the pool?
And the water came direct from the

Another pool. Get your fishing rod ready.

the old Land Rover (1973 model) that still works

I wonder if I could get a small piece of land here to settle down after retirement, so I could enjoy the nature right in front of the door. Or should I now quit my job, and become a farmer instead. *imagination running wild*