Friday, March 20, 2015


Two small reunions were done today with old friends from college. The first one was with Mr. Samad Yahya, a friend whose room was on the same level with mine during college days. The last time we met was before I graduated and then we lost contact and was in touch on Facebook. The meeting was over dinner at LC Catering and for once, the conversation had a new topic which had something to do with the life of a police officer.

Another shorter reunion was done in the afternoon, with an ex-coursemate from UPM in Plaza Larkin, Puan Suriana Ali was here to send her daughter back to IPTI for the second half of the school term. The last time we saw each other was also before graduation and we managed to see each other again finally despite the fact she had been here in Johor Bahru a few times already.

There are still people whom I wonder of their whereabouts. I should perhaps try my luck searching for them on the internet.