Saturday, March 21, 2015


Once in a while, you just need to get back into the world of fairy tale and magic, and believe that true love does exist and good always wins against evil. The story of Cinderella needs no narration and this is a genuine story without any unnecessary twists. You are never too old to enjoy a Disney movie and I am already thinking of going to Disneyland again.

BTW, before the real movie started, there was a short flick entitled: "FROZEN FEVER" specially for "Frozen" fans out there.

WARNING: There would be many children watching this movie but there are also children too young for cinema-viewing who in the end will just make a lot of noise and create nuisance in the hall. I was sitting in a row in front of kids who were doing these activities continuously: producing sounds, playing noisy games on handphone, walking restlessly and bumping on my seats - I felt like slapping someone. *sigh* If you are a parent and your kids could not behave or were not ready to appreciate any movie, please do not bring them into the cinema. The best would be just wait for the DVD to come out and watch the movie at home.