Sunday, March 1, 2015


The latest attraction in town is Angry Birds Activity Park which is located on the top floor of KOMTAR Johor Bahru. The entry fee for an adult is RM60, a sum which I am not willing to pay. Hopefully I could get hold of a free ticket one day to see what is this place has to offer. It is a nice place to pose as there are gargantuan posters of angry birds everywhere that should me make happy already. This should be a good place for small kids to spend the time and another option for parents to get the kids amused and occupied for a long time.

bumping into a friend, Puan Ruhaidah and her family

This is another section of the KOMTAR mall on the ground floor.

I have seen what I should be seeing and I am ready to take any friends coming to visit Johor Bahru in the future. Now I sound like a travel agent already.