Thursday, March 17, 2016


12TH MARCH 2016 ~ I was on MAS MH764 Kuala Lumpur-Siem Reap route for my short getaway school holiday trip. At one moment, I was telling my travel companion sitting beside me that I actually have two ex-students working as air-stewardesses. However, I had never had any chance of meeting them during any of my plane rides. And in about 5 minutes, a stewardess approached me and asked, "Cikgu Zainal?"

Surprise... surprise... I guess God must have heard me clearer when I was up there. There she was, Miss Maria Slamat, an ex-student of SMK Taman Universiti from SPM batch 1999. I was a very lucky teacher that day to have the opportunity to meet an ex-student after all these years. She said she saw me but had to check the passengers' name list just to be sure she had the right person.

That is one moment I would always cherish and I will have to keep telling myself, being a teacher is not that bad after all.

Thanks Maria for saying "hi" and I was happier that I was handed over a bagful of "door gift" before leaving the plane. Hopefully we will meet each other again some other time. I pray that one day you will be promoted to become the head stewardess of the ship so you could upgrade me to the business class when you see me some other time. Well, you never know, life is always full of surprises.