Friday, March 11, 2016


Utopia - An imagined state of place or things which everything is perfect []
Zoo -  oh you should know what a zoo is

zoo + utopia = zootopia = an imagined place where preys and predators live peacefully together.

Disney's animation never fails to amuse me. It was a simple story of the bunny rabbit who became the first police officer of the smaller species who then befriended a sly fox. Later they both worked together to bring back peace to the city. I would not hesitate to encourage you to go watch this movie Zootopia and "see" Shakira being transformed into a sexy gazelle.

Thanks Mr. Afham, an ex-student of SMKTUN from SPM batch 2011, for the company. The last time we did this was in May last year - at the same place, AEON Bukit Indah. Hope to see you again some other time.

My next must-watch movies: Kungfu Panda 3 AND Boiboiboy. :)