Thursday, March 24, 2016


12TH MARCH 2016 ~ Our first day in Siem Reap was quite hectic. Right after the Cambodian Cultural Village, we were sent to this place to watch "Phare" - the Cambodian Circus. To watch the show, we had to pay USD18. When we arrived, a long queue was already forming in front of the tent entrance and majority of the people coming to watch the circus were Caucasian.

The place was quite small to accommodate the audience so you better come earlier to get the best place with the best view, especially if you just buy the regular ticket with no seat number. I just knew there were special seats for clearer observation of the whole show but the tickets must cost more.

If I am not mistaken, the title of the show was "Influence" - a dance drama which had to do with how people got corrupted because of the power they had which then turned to greed, from my perspective. I guess people enjoyed the acrobatic stunts more than the drama and the theme they were trying to portray through the actions.

Other than that, the circus was also funding the education of the poor children in Cambodia and at the same time, providing training and job opportunity for the less fortunate.

The show was very entertaining and I would recommend "Phare" for another kind of art appreciation.