Monday, March 21, 2016


12th MARCH 2016 ~ From the Mini Theatre, there was about a 15-minute break before another show started. We walked to a house called "Millionaire House", a big building built on high stilts. When arrived there were already many people waiting to watch the Khmer wedding ceremony and we could not get a seat. Lucky enough, the was still space between the stage and the front row of the audience so I happily sat on the floor.

Two people from the audience were invited to go on stage to participate in the joyous event. An interactive kind of thing.

The whole ceremony looked so real and natural. It was not only very informative but also entertaining, even though everything was done in Cambodian language. Just imagine the actors and actresses, how lucky they are to be able to get married almost every day. 

The advantage of sitting right of the stage, nearest to the performers, was that I could see everything very clearly. There was this person who played the character of a comic relief and he was staring right into my camera while I was recording the show. Make sure you watch the Youtube video of the wedding ceremony.