Wednesday, March 2, 2016


10th February 2016 ~ Ullen Sentalu is recognized as the best museum in Indonesia. The location of the museum itself is unique. Unlike other museums that usually sit in the city centre, this one is situated high in the mountain and hidden behind lush green trees. It is 25 kilometers away from Jogjakarta city but it was worth the long journey taken.

A guide took us for a tour around the museum - which was a beautifully designed building everyone fell in love with the second he/she stepped inside. The museum stored the history of the royals of Jogjakarta and Solo, the lives of the past kings, queens, princes and princesses.  

Unfortunately recording was not allowed in the museum area so we took photos at a few places where permission was given before going out.

We were served with a glass of "jamu" each and surprisingly, the concoction tasted too good to be true. I know "jamu" [a traditional herbal drink] should be bitter and unpleasant, and even the smell was strong. This was one was sweet and had pandanus leaf fragrance, and I knew it was already modified.

For one thing, there was no mention of the ancient kingdom which was related to all the temples and the practice of Hindu and Buddha before the arrival of Islam. Even there was no mention of the earlier government in Monjali, the first museum we went to. I wonder why.

NEXT: seeing the (supposed) life of the present royalties in a real palace complex.