Saturday, March 5, 2016


10TH FEBRUARY 2016 ~ One of the drawbacks of having ladies in a travel group is that there are more shopping sessions and each session takes a long, long time. We went to this outlet which sold locally made handbags called "Dowa" which was located quite far away from town. 

The store was quite big and the choices aplenty, hence the long time spent here. 

However, to my surprise, the shop had prepared snacks and dessert to all who visited FOR FREE. I was extremely excited to see the variety of free food available and that was my first time seeing this kind of thing happening in a shopping outlet. So while the others were busy shopping, the non-shoppers could always entertain themselves and get fat.

I guess the owner must be kind to offer free food and the visitors were also kind enough not to eat too much, If I were to open a shop, I would definitely the same thing (and like that is going to happen).