Thursday, March 3, 2016


10th February 2016 ~ We then went to visit the Kraton ~ the palace. We were told that the present King still live here and if you are lucky, you could meet him walking in the palace compound. The other buildings in the palace complex had been converted into museums that housed all kinds of collectibles of the royalties.

We had a lady guide who took us for the palace tour and she is actually related to the line of royalty. The people who work here receive a meagre income but they still serve the King nonchalantly.

We also had the chance to drink tea prepared by the real royal servants from the real royal kitchen. We were told that we could ask for the blessings from the cooks so I just ask them to pray for our good health.

This visit basically wrapped up our academic visit to the city of Jogjakarta. It had been a wonderful journey as we learned a lot of new things about this city in Indonesia - the city of culture and history.