Sunday, March 20, 2016


12th MARCH 2016 ~ We were already on the road of Siem Reap 30 minutes after checking in at the hotel. Mr. Safy, our tuk tuk driver cum tour guide, took us to the Cambodian Cultural Village. The place was quite big and the weather was quite hot, much hotter than Malaysia - so walking around should not be a good thing to do at that time.

Other than looking around, other major activities here would be watching various cultural performances available. We were just at the right time to catch a show called "Charming of Phahum" at the (open) Mini Theatre.

Basically it was a dance drama which integrated both traditional and contemporary dances. From my interpretation, the story was about a couple who fell in love but the girl's parents were against the marriage plan as they had their own candidate.

Despite the fact there were many foreign tourists in the audience, everyone seemed to be entertained by the show. Music and dance knew no barriers.

And here is a short recording of one of the dances performed at the theatre.