Wednesday, April 20, 2016


We finally went to eat real Cambodian food on the second last day of our stay. One reason, food would be quite expensive. For example, we had to pay about USD10 for lunch for two people. [Bear in mind, USD10 = RM40 at that time when we were there].

Our guide took us to this restaurant called "Muslim Family Restaurant" which is owned by a Champa Malay Muslim family. This place is actually quite famous as I have read about it in other blogs before going to Cambodia. The restaurant is located right next to a mosque - "An Neakmah Islami Mosque".

The must-eat here is a rice dish called "a cow climbing a hill". How did the food get its name? The rice is cooked in a pot with a curve bottom which looked like a hill and there is a lot of small pieces of beef in it.

We were first welcomed by a young Malay/Muslim lady whom we conversed in English but later another person appeared to chat with us who happened to be the chef who prepared the special dish for us. His name is Yunos if I am not mistaken, a very friendly man and we spoke in Malay language.

We were lucky not only we were able to see him cook live, but he also told us the step by step procedure how to prepare the dish. I should have written it all down but then I do not cook, so it is alright.

How did I rate "a cow climbing up a hill? It was like our fried rice but with a lot of vegetables (which should be very healthy) and beef. It was delicious and very Cambodian - the taste was definitely not the same with our Malay cooking. You should try it when you are in Siem Reap.

I should go back to Siem Reap just to try all the halal food there. Let's pray our ringgit will recover soon.