Monday, April 11, 2016


We did not really explore the city on foot, something that I use to do when I travel. One reason: the weather was really hot, much hotter than Malaysia. We would rather stay in the cold hotel room if we came back early. We decided to have a walk one late afternoon before sunset when the temperature was bearable.

The motorbikes and tuk tuks outnumbered other bigger vehicles on the road. Crossing the roads was something challenging even though the motorists would actually stop for you when they saw you walking across the streets.

Then we arrived at this one park and there were other tourists who were busy taking photos at the lion statues. There was a row of trees nearby with big bats hanging on the branches and these people were all looking up to observe the nocturnal animals.

There was also a small temple from which loud traditional music was coming. The place looked busy and outside the gate there were people selling all sorts of things that would be necessary for the visit to the temple. like lotus flowers, young coconuts and birds. There were also tortoises put on sale.

We finally made it - walking the city streets but did not discover much. I would blame it on the weather. :)