Sunday, June 12, 2016


11th JUNE 2016 ~ This is the new venue for the famous "Pasar Tani" (farmers' market) that was previously stationed at Stadium Tan Sri Hassan Yunos. It has moved to a new location at Jalan Padu, in Larkin area too, but further away from the stadium. I personally like the previous place better as there were more parking spaces.

This was my third time there. I needed to find food for my "sahur" session (early morning meal before the start of fasting). I got my "burasak" but the "lepat lui" had sold out while the lady selling the "lemang" was nowhere to be seen. [all mentioned are traditional Malay food items which are rice-based]

The stalls selling clothes are now located in an area opposite the morning market, across the road. 

I was there quite late, after 10.00 a.m. and it was easier to find a parking space and not too many people were around anymore. I will have to come back in about a fortnight to get my supply for "Kek Lapis" (layer cake) for Eid.