Wednesday, June 22, 2016


28th MAY 2016 ~ This was one thing that I had planned to do even before I arrived in Taipei, to watch a cultural show. I found out about TaipeiEYE from the internet and I booked the ticket online when I was there. I was lucky as I found out a Citibank cardholder (as well as AEON member) was entitled for a 20% discount. I had to pay NT468 for the ticket, which was about RM60.

I had a tough time finding the theatre, and surprisingly many people on the street did not know the existence of this place. People were already waiting at the foyer on the ground floor when I arrived there and we were then ushered to the third floor a few minutes before the show started. While waiting, the audience were given complimentary Oolong tea.

a souvenir was given to everybody before the show started

The show was actually a Chinese Opera - everything was done in Chinese. However, there were subtitles displayed on the left and right side of the wall in English, Japanese and Korean to assist understanding. Nevertheless, I had no problem enjoying the whole thing even without looking at the subtitles. Furthermore, the synopsis of the opera was given much earlier so we could just sit back and enjoy the show.

Please read the text on the pamphlet the story of the cunning Monkey King, if you are interested to know more:

There were singing, dancing, comic acts, and a lot of martial arts and acrobatic skills being displayed on stage, accompanied by live Chinese classical music. 

The whole thing lasted only for an hour. I just wish they could perform longer. All in all, it was a very entertaining performance. I wonder the Chinese Opera in Malaysia is as enjoyable to watch as this but I used to find the characters look a bit scary with the thick make up and loud music. But this one was a totally different thing, perhaps it had been modernized especially for foreign audience.