Friday, June 17, 2016


From 228 Peace Park, we then moved on to another building which is the first Radio Station. The building was significant as the place was taken over by the rebels during the unrest period in Taipei and used the radio broadcast to speak to the public. 

There is this wall, something like a monument, to remember people who have died in the fighting. There are pictures, and pieces of papers which I am not really sure what they really are.

We came across this reflexology stones and guide challenged us to take a walk on the pebbles. Not me, thank you. I had had enough exercise by walking the extra miles already.

Then the group walked out of the park to explore other parts of the city. We headed towards the majestic-looking Presidential Office Building.

Can you the white marks on the road? If you wonder how the soldiers could march beautifully as if they are trained robots, that will be the secret behind it all.

There is also a huge space in front of the Presidential Office Building. That reminds me of the squares where people assemble during any national event in big cities like Beijing.

And after the lengthy explanation on the building, we walked to the Old Market area, before stopping for ice-cream.