Monday, September 20, 2010


On the last day of the school break, three form 3 students came over, Syahir, Zakki and Hasmudin, and it was really thoughtful of them to come all the way considering the fact that they are going to sit for the PMR exam in two weeks time. I always find that it is easier to entertain people when they arrive in smaller number. I can be more focused when chatting and in a way, more stories can be exchanged. Perhaps the equation can be illustrated as such: time/number of people = space + comfort + satisfaction.

The second guests came without early notification but it was alright as long as I was at home. Mr. Ashabul Adnin, accompanied by his wife and infant daughter, is one from the earliest batches of students. He is from 1997 SPM batch and is now working in Kuala Lumpur. So far, he is holding the record for being the "oldest" student who came over for Eid.
And right after that, I went off for more house visits, friends and relatives, five houses in total. I am now very worried because my tummy is overloaded with Hari Raya cookies and I am having a class at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Nevertheless, throughout the ten days of Hari Raya, I have met many relatives, friends, students and ex-students too so it was a memorable occasion.

Everybody is going back to school tomorrow after a very long Hari Raya break. Too much of holidays is not good for you as I am sure everyone is still in the festive mood by now. And just to remind, the end of the school holidays does not mean that the celebration has ended, 10 days down but 20 days more to go. *sigh*