Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The first get together of the day was with Dr. Md. Som and his family. Dr. Md. Som is my ex-schoolmate (of SMS Muar) who is at present running his own clinic at Parit Raja, Batu Pahat. The last time he came to my house was we were still in school so it was about 22 years ago. But being a true blue Jaybeerian (the term we used to refer to people who came from JB [Johor Bahru] when we were in school) he would not have the problem of finding my whereabout.

The next family that came visiting was Mr. Sabri's, a colleague of mine. His family is also one of the regulars during Hari Raya. Two of his daughters, Habibah and Hanani, are now studying in my school.

After the fourth day of Hari Raya, it seems that the number of people visiting is not as many as last year, or is it too early to tell?