Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm sure by now you are already tired reading my Hari Raya stories, but that is all that happened throughout the week. As for today, I had attended two wedding invitations and two Hari Raya visits. The second wedding invitation was in Pekan Nanas which happened to be behind Aliff's house, so I paid Aliff (from SPM batch 2007) and his family a visit as well - talking about killing two birds with one stone.

The next house that I went was Mr. Sabri's at Taman Pulai Flora. It could be some sort of an open house but I was there towards the end of the event so not many people were around. However, I met Puan Shirley and Puan Baderah with their families so it was still a merry get together.

I am sure that I have grown fatter by now. And one more day left of the long, long Hari Raya break.