Thursday, September 16, 2010


An ex-schoolmate decided to come for Hari Raya visit after seeing a picture of Dr. Md. Som and me that I posted on Facebook. Another "long-lost friend", we used to do house to house visit during Hari Raya when we were schoolmates in SMS Muar before. Mr. Mahayuddin is a very successful person in his career (which I should be asking what he actually is working as) and he owns a firm. He is also staying here in JB but most of the time, we are so near yet so far away. Sometimes we are too occupied with our work, or too busy with other things to get acquainted with old friends. I hope we can see each other more often after this.

Another group of ex-students from SPM batch 2001 dropped by in the evening, which consisted of Mr. Azeze, Mr. Hazizul and Mr. Shah Erhan. I am glad to say that we manage to meet more than once in a year but a Hari Raya visit is definitely compulsory. However, after the regular eat-the-cookies session, we went out for dinner at Kampung Melayu. Afterwards, when we went back to my house, as the conversation seemed never to end, they were forced to stay for cups of hot tea and in the end, they had to extend their visit right until midnight. As one of these guys is going to settle down at the end of this year, I wonder whether this kind of get together can be carried out in the future anymore but never cross a bridge before you come to it. Keep your fingers crossed, people!