Saturday, September 4, 2010


Cineplex 1: Computer Lab

After finished reading the comic novel, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, it was time to review a movie of it. Downloaded with the courtesy of Mr. Zahari, it was a 1998 version of the book, and there was another one which was much older, produced in 1959. The first viewing session was held in the computer lab but we still did not manage to manage watching the whole movie so the screening had to be continued.

Cineplex 2: Hall

The second viewing had to be done in the hall so as to give way to another class. But this time, it took only about 30 minutes for the whole thing to end. Unfortunately, the plot of the story was not the same with what we had read. There were many important parts that were not included but at the same time, we found extra characters and sub-plots which were not relevant to the story. Now I am having doubt, whether the comic book version was more accurate, or was it the movie that was done with too many changes. I am yet to get the unabridged version of the novel by Jules Verne.
There is one more recent production of the same title which starred Brandon Frasier. I will try to get hold of that version soon. Nevertheless, the students seemed to be enjoying themselves watching the movie just the same.