Friday, September 17, 2010


More people came visiting today. The first group was Avinash, Luqman Hakim and their friend, Syazwan. They were from SPM batch 2006.

The next group to arrive was Encik Ismail, his wife and children. All of his schooling children were in my school before and we have become more like family friends now. There should be more pictures coming as I am still waiting to be tagged in Facebook.

Zulfadzelie, also from SPM batch 2006, came alone in the evening. He was in the hospital, taking care of his sick grandfather and it was very thoughtful of him to come over before going back to college tomorrow.

And then, I went to an open house invitation at Taman Pulai Utama. I was invited by an ex-student, Salma Sakeena (from SPM batch 2007), via sms. When I was there, I got to meet her sister, Sarah Khalida, who was also in my school before and also more ex-students who happened to visit her. I really enjoyed the lasagna, pasta and pita bread which had made me full and could not allow me to sample other delicious food served on the dining table.

So, after a week of Eid has gone by, I have met quite a number of people, friends, ex-students and relatives. Bear in mind, Eid is celebrated for one month here and therefore there could more people coming or I myself going visiting. Pray that I will not put on weight.