Monday, September 27, 2010


Another group of students came visiting on the 17th day of Eid. This time it was the boys from 2KP1. All of them were sent by their parents (and two were car-pooling) and there two people from Kelantan who are the cousins of one of them. I must be very lucky to receive guests from such far away place.

Thanks also to Faiz who had brought along cakes and drinks, and also Emirul for the home-cooked food like ketupat, chicken curry, sambal goreng and serunding.

After five of the group members had left, I decided to drive the other three to Sultanah Aminah Hospital as one of their classmates was hospitalized after undergoing a surgery for appendicitis. We met another two of their classmates there. So thanks to Dhuhaa for letting us take the photo with you on the hospital bed and I was to glad to know that she was already discharged today. We pray that Dhuhaa will get well soon and see you in school after you have recovered.

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