Sunday, September 18, 2011

THE 20th DAY OF EID 1432H


The first group to arrive was the form four Kadet Bomba boys. In addition, Haziq Che Ros who was from SPM batch 1997 (if I am not wrong) was also here, who happened to be one of the important people of the Kadet Bomba team back then. He brought along his brother who is still in Year 5 too (and there was another one in the main group of form 4 boys). Thanks to all who had come especially those who had taken the trouble travelling on buses and taxi all the way from Taman Universiti and beyond. But believe me, sooner or later, you will be driving cars or riding motorbikes for this kind of visit.

Thanks to Haziq for giving a cake of his own masterpiece. I am really proud of you and I am looking forward to many more cakes (and other food) to come.


The next group was my colleague, Mr. Mohd. Sabri and his family, and this was a reciprocal visit. Mr. Sabri's family has also become more like family friends now. This was a good time to visit as his daughter, Habibah, who is also an ex-student of mine, came back for the long weekend break. How people can grow up very fast.

I am expecting more people to visit tomorrow before going back to school on Monday. *yawn*