Sunday, September 25, 2011

THE 26th DAY OF EID 1432H

Today was a long and busy day, with many things happening from the morning until late at night. Suddenly there are too many pictures to post and stories to tell. I guess I will only post one at a time. I still have other materials from last week that have not been published but I have to give the Eid's visit posting a priority as I get to put them in a chronological order. With a few more days remaining, more people are taking this chance to go meeting friends and relatives.


Syazwan came with his parents, brothers, grandmother and aunties - almost a complete set. He could not come earlier due to the PMR trial exam which was held earlier this month and I hope I will see him as a regular visitor for more Hari Raya to come.


The next visitors right after that were Shamsul Nahar, Mohd. Arif and Abdul Aziz, from SPM 2002 batch. The three of them are few of my ex-students whom I have frequent contact with but a visit during Eid is a must.

Four more days to go to end this visiting activity and I am still expecting people to come as well as to go to open house invitations.