Monday, September 19, 2011

THE 21st DAY OF EID 1432H

I welcomed visitors from Kuala Lumpur today, old friends from UPM TESL 1996 group. My three friends, Puan Hayati Burkhan, Puan Nor Hasni Yaakub and Puan Noramizah Md. Yusof, all of them currently teaching in Malaysia International Islamic University, were actually here to attend a course in Pulai Spring. So this was definitely the right time to visit me for the first time, what more with Eid spirit was still in the air.

Pn. Hayati and Pn. Noramizah came together with their husbands and kids. They arrived before 10 a.m. as they had to be on the road again heading back to Kuala Lumpur. My sister was kind enough to prepare Laksa Johor for them, considering the fact that they came from afar and hoping that they could get a taste of an authentic Johor special dish.

And there was also a special reunion with Pn. Noramizah's husband, Mr. Mohd. Fadhil Ma'aris, who happened to be my ex-schoolmate/ex-dormmate whose bed was beside mine when we were in form five. I only discovered that he was married to my own ex-coursemate via FB about two years back. What a small world we are living in. So this was some sort of a reunion after being separated for 25 years.

Pn. Nor Hasni with Pn. Hayati's kids

Linkthe gentlemen in the house

Thanks to all my friends and family members for dropping by. It was like a mini TESL gathering with four people from the group meeting together at my house, which is a record so far. Do come back some other time in the future.

Thanks to Mizah and Fadhil