Saturday, September 24, 2011

THE 25th DAY OF EID 1432H


And the celebration continued on the 25th day of Eid after a short halt for about one week. This time there were five families gathered together under one roof. It looked like a mini open house but I have never held any so far. My house door is always opened to any visitors.

my colleagues who were here: Mr. Mustafa Kamal and wife, Pun Nor'Ashikin, Puan Maznah, Puan Zah, Puan Nadzlina and Puan Arba'iyah


The next visitors were three ex-students from SPM batch 2004: Zabidi, Khairul and Usman (and Khairul brought along his younger brother, Khairil, who is now in Form 2 in SMKTUN). All the three of them are already working. I must say I am proud that they are the products of the place where I am teaching now and it is a pleasure to see them have a smooth start in life. We need to see each other more frequently and not only during Eid but sometimes they get too occupied with work which I can understand.