Sunday, September 25, 2011

THE 27th DAY OF EID 1432H

The house visits continued and today was the last Sunday for people to visit friends and relatives. It is better late than never and I am thankful there were still people coming towards the end of the month of Syawal.


After a few attempts, finally today was the best day for Mr. Masrizal and the family members to come over. One of the regular visitors, colleagues cum family friends, this was the time to see how the children had grown up and how the family had developed after a year.


This year has seen a new record with six ex-coursemates from the UPM TESL 1993 group came visiting during Eid. Puan Hayati Ismail eventually stopped by on their way back to Putrajaya from Kota Tinggi. Initially, she had planned to come during the early week of Syawal but then could not make it in the end. Luckily they had to go back to Kota Tinggi again this week so it was like killing two birds (or many birds perhaps) with one stone and with that, I managed to see them for the festive season.


I hurried to an open house invitation at Taman Pulai Utama, hosted by Puan Noraliza Mazni and her husband after the last guests had left. There were a few colleagues and their family members and I joined in the crowd, and had treated myself with the delicious spaghetti prepared by the hosts. I had to tell myself not to overeat (read: determination) and try everything that looked really tempting. Thank god, at the same time, I had to go to a class at 8:00 p.m. so I had a strong reason not to stay too long and eat all the food on the table.

Guess today was another long day for me, and there was still another kind of eating activity going on after the open house but I will update that in a separate post, hopefully real soon.