Thursday, September 22, 2011


The room where I was put was a single room with an adjoining bathroom and toilet, sharing them with my neighbour next door. There was a lot of privacy but it could kill you to death as there was nothing to do at night because there were no night classes. If I had a roommate, at least there would be someone whom I could talk to.

It would be not bad for a budget stay. The minimum necessities like towel and bathing soap were provided. There was an electric jug and you could ask for the iron if you needed one.

At times it was a bit cold outside, especially at night after it had rained heavily. You could feel the cold air if you opened the door to the balcony. However, once the door was shut, you would be needing the fan in the room, which was a disappointment. I had earlier imagined the similar winter experience I had when I was in Sydney but that did not happen here in IAB Genting Highlands.

I guess one of things that they need to do to improve the condition of the hostel is to install Astro channels in every room in the hostel. I strongly believe that will make the occupants happier.