Monday, September 17, 2012


I must say that majority of the trainees who underwent their teaching practical sessions in SMK Taman Universiti were generally pleasant and friendly. They also adapted well to the school environment and seemed to enjoy their time in school. I was invited to a wedding of an ex-trainee. Miss Fadhlun Hanaffi, who was teaching in SMKTUN about three years ago. The event was held in Pekan Nanas, Pontian.

She is one of the few ex-trainees I am still keeping in touch with, thanks to Facebook. I even saw her attending the workshop I conducted for Pontian English language teachers recently.

I was also very very happy to get to meet Fadhlun's friend who was in the same batch doing her training in my school. Miss Lim Wen Li came all the way from Kuantan just to attend her friend's wedding.

Thanks a lot Puan Fadhlun (now a "Madam" already) and may your married life be filled with joy and happiness, with sunshine during the day and twinkling stars at night throughout the wedded life.

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