Sunday, September 2, 2012


The first group that came visiting was four ex-students from SPM batch 2009. Gone were the days when they had to come all the way from Taman Universiti in one big group by bus until they reached Johor Bahru town/Larkin bus station and then took taxi to my house. Once they had finished school, it was not easy to gather people like last time and now they drive their own (father's) cars. However, I prefer to have visitors in smaller groups so that I could give more attention to and entertain everybody. And these people will be leaving for their campus real soon as the new semester is about to begin.

The next group were the ex-students from SPM batch 2004. A few of their friends were already here earlier and they now moved around in their own smaller clique. I can only see them, most probably, only once a year. People are already with occupied with their work and other personal matters. And someone is already getting married by the end of the year.
Then, Mr. Abd. Aziz Abd. Rahman, a friend who is also a teacher in SMK Tun Syed Nasir Ismail, dropped by with his wife and four kids. We get to know each other when we work for the Johor Bahru Chess Team. Actually his house is just nearby but will be moving to his own house real soon.

The last visitors of the day was Mr. Hilmi, an ex-student from SMK Kempas, whom I taught him English for tuition classes when he was in form three and form five. This year was different because he turned up with his fiancee - another ex-student who will be tying the know early next year.


It had been the end of the second week of Eid but I am still expecting and hoping for some more people to come.