Monday, September 17, 2012


Finally, it was the last day of Syawal. I had the last visitors in the evening (even though officially it was the 1st of Zulkaedah already, a new Islamic month). But it did not really matter. Mr. Irfan came together with his younger brother, Mr. Asyraf, both were my ex-students. Irfan's two friends from UTM tagged along: Mr. Ismail Sabri was here last year and the other one (Oh God, I couldn't remember his name now) taught as a substitute teacher in SMKTUN before.

So I guess that was how Eid was celebrated this year. I had seen and met many people I had to see and I am thankful for that. Thanks to each and everyone who had come visiting and please forgive me I might not be able to go to your houses. Most of my weekends were occupied by entertaining people. 

I guess now we can go back living our normal lives.