Monday, September 3, 2012


There was a stream of visitors throughout the day (and evening). We are already in the third week of Syawal and yet it was still celebrated by visiting friends and relatives. Puan Zakiah Abdullah and her family members, a colleague and whose children are my students/ex-students, were here first. My sister was really delighted to get to see her again.

Then, Mr. Avinash who had just finished his degree programme in University of Malaya and is now residing in Kuala Lumpur, came over. As I told many of my ex-students, you do not have to wait a busload of people to come and visit, or else you will not come at all.


A bigger group that arrived comprised of the present fifth formers and an ex-student (who is the brother of one of the boys). Originally there should be 15 people but only 9 turned up. And they came on their own now which would cause a lot of disappointment to the taxi and bus operators.

Another colleague cum family friends was also here in the evening with the family members. Over the years, I have observed the children growing up and the family is expanding as well.

The Eid visiting spree will slow down a bit again and will resume when the weekends arrive, I think.