Saturday, September 8, 2012


It was not the weekend yet but I was delightful there were already people coming over. This time, a batch of students from UTM came visiting which should be the first group to do so. I taught them English (specifically UHB 1412 course) two semesters ago. I do hope to see more of them, at least before they graduate from the university.

someone brought sate (from an open house)

Half an hour after that, another three ex-students from SPM batch 2002 were at house. They have left school for ten years already and they should be the oldest batch of ex-students who came visiting so far. (I don't think I will see any earlier batch of ex-students anymore.) Although it was already late, and all of them had to go to work the next day, I was always happy to entertain my ex-students at home.

delivering the invitation card ceremony
Someone is getting married very very soon and he was here to hand over the invitation card. This is how it should be done and not just by posting it on Facebook and expecting everybody to come. I guess we need to stick to some of our tradition despite the belief that we could save the environment by not cutting down all the trees in the world to produce the cards.

About one more week left, and there are still cookies in the jars, the doors to people's houses are still opened to welcome visitors.