Friday, September 14, 2012


"Alhamdulillah" (Thank you, Allah), after not being able to organize this event last year, I managed to invite my male colleagues to my house for a "tahlil" (reciting of the prayer for people who have passed away). And two of them brought their family members along. Even my Indian and Chinese friends were present to join the gathering so it was also an Eid visiting programme. Mr. Ong Poh Shin who retired last year was also here to meet old friends.

Two people, Mr. Syazarul Shahrir and Mr. Sanusi had something on so they could not join other people the big group who were here earlier. Nevertheless, I was really glad that they still turned up for the event even though it was quite late.

the ultimate group photo
Standing from left to right: (Amin, Mr. Rifqi's son), Mr. Hisham Abdullah, Mr. Mohd. Faisal Md. Zain, Mr. Punithan Pannirchelvan, Mr. Zahidi Mahmood, Mr. Mohd. Nazli, Mr. Mohd. Marzuqi, Mr. Mohd. Nasir Sardangi, Mr. Sin Boon Han, Mr. Mohd. Hamzah Ali, Mr. Tham Han Leong. Sitting: Mr. Ong Poh Shin, Mr. Ravi Subramaniam, ME, Mr. Mohd. Rifqi Mydin, Mr. Masrizal Sayute, Mr. Mohd. Azhar, Mr. Ng Che Kim. Went back earlier: Mr. Mohd Sabri Mohd. Salleh and Mr. Ahmad Yassin Lauto.
Thanks a lot to all my friends who had come over all the way from Taman Universiti and the surrounding area. May we see each other again in the same occasion next year.