Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today, a Saturday, was a replacement school day for the extra leave taken before the Eid break. As expected, many students were absent (which was actually a blessing in a way). We had planned a potluck to celebrate the month of Syawal in the staff room and today seemed to be a perfect day just to do that.

The main menu chosen was "nasi himpit" (compressed rice) which was eaten with variety of dishes like "lodeh" (vegetables cooked in coconut milk), soup (which then turned to be "soto"}, chicken curry, peanut in chilly gravy etc.
I think everyone looked extra happy today, either because of the good food or the poor students' attendance.

With all the delicious food in abundance, no one had the reason not to be happy. Some may worry there might be an increase on the weighing machine later, but that will be another story.