Sunday, September 16, 2012


a nurse came visiting
Today was the second last day of Eid celebration.The first guest to arrive was Miss Fatiha who is now working as a nurse in a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur but was here for the long weekend break. She came with two other friends who were here visiting earlier.

Fadhil's wedding
After the Zuhur prayer, I went to Taman Rinting to attend a wedding invitation of a (family) friend. It was the wedding of Raja Mohd. Fadhil whom I used to know since he was very little and now he is already someone's husband.

Puan Rafidah's open house
Right after that, off I went to Taman Pulai Indah to Puan Rafidah's open house. Upon arrival, I saw a few colleagues there so there was no awkward moment not recognizing anybody.

Azry's open house
And the next house to visit was the house of a form five student, Mr. Azry Anuardy. I had no reason to say no as he was really determine - early verbal invitation, sms and messages on FB, to make sure I came to his open house.

There were some students and ex-students as well and I suddenly felt I was the host of the open house instead of the guest. Furthermore the host was too busy making sure the food and drinks on the table were always enough for everyone.

The tummy was already stretched to its maximum capacity so it was time to stop eating and visiting for the day, but I had one more house to go later in the evening.

In the evening, I received one group of guests whom I thought would never turn up for this year's Eid. As these people from SPM batch 2010 they were all coming back home from campus for the long weekends, I guess they had planned the visit towards the end of the month.

the food in the plastic bag was for me
And the last visiting activity for the second last day of Eid was an open house cum tahlil event at Mr. Shafiq Suhaimi's house in Kempas Baru. but I was there for the open day and eating session only. And I was among the last guests to arrive. I had to wait for the boys to go off so I was only there after eleven. 

What a long day it had been. I was feeling tired but happy and hope I will not get fat.