Sunday, March 17, 2013


I arrived earlier at Ataturk International airport to catch my flight home as I had a very bad experience entering Turkey at the immigration checkpoint. Thank God, praised be to Allah, everything was fine and the travel document was cleared in just a breeze.

I met with this one sweet Japanese lady while checking in at the airline counter. Tourists are actually friendly people, we could simply strike a conversation and keep on talking (as there is nothing much to do.) She had been staying in Istanbul for 10 days and we happened to be in the same flight to Abu Dhabi.

I was rewarded for talking to her: I was given a packet of Japanese candy where if you look real close you could see images/pictures being drawn on individual piece of candy. Too bad, I can't even remember her name and I feel even bad that I could not return her kindness. If she contacts me, then I will post to her something small from Malaysia. And the moral of the story is: courtesy costs nothing.

"There's nothing like an airport that bring you down to earth"
~ Richard Gordon ~