Wednesday, March 20, 2013


One of the items that I managed to gather during the spring cleaning session a few months back were the many pieces of "kain pelikat". "Kain pelikat" is a sarong [a word that is already coined into the English language] worn by Malay men either at home or when going to the mosque or attending a "tahlil" at a neighbour's house. 

Nowadays, "kain pelikat" comes in variety of colours and designs and people would mix and match it with their piece of "baju melayu" - a Malay traditional costume, but the top part only.

"Kain pelikat" has been one of the prominent souvenirs that people bring back when visiting places like the East Coast of Malaysia or even Sarawak, for example. There were events when the hosts gave away "kain pelikat" as door gifts to the guests. 

I know I don't have to buy any. For one thing, this piece of cloth lasts long and after years of wearing the sane piece, you will get accustomed to its comfort and softness.