Wednesday, March 6, 2013


You can bring a horse to a well, 
but you cannot force it to drink. 

As planned, the form two students were asked to bring old newspapers and other paper-based materials that could be recycled today. They had to put what they had taken from home at Balai Bestari according to their own classes so that we could see which class had the heaviest paper collection.

Sometimes we could not expect too much from the students. Even after I had gone around the form two classes reminding them to participate and contribute - some just didn't care despite the fact that this was one activity that they had to do to achieve a band 5 for their School Based Assessment for subjects like Geography and Civic.

We are still lucky as there are still other students who are more obedient and have displayed positive attitude. Although this programme might not look that important, it was actually one way how we could evaluate students in school.

getting used paper from the staff room

the arrival of the recycling lorry

the weighing process

the happy recycling uncles
I am happy to announce that after two days of the campaign, the afternoon session students had collected and sold 2600 kilogrammes of old newspapers. Puan Huan had not yet calculated the exact weight of other paper-based materials sold but the money that we collected from the sale (for both the old newspapers and other types of paper) was RM906. Just imagine the amount of cash we simply throw away everyday. 

The winner of the Recycling Campaign will be announced in the assembly next week and cash money will be presented to the lucky form teachers (to be used for their class parties).

Congratulations to all the afternoon session students (and teachers) who had done their part in making this campaign a success. Please remember to always reduce, reuse and recycle, and save our Mother earth.