Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We just followed the flow and walked across Galata Bridge, and upon arriving at the other end, we saw this market. There was only one stall selling vegetables but the others were fish and food stalls. The sea produce looked real fresh, too bad we couldn't cook while we were in Istanbul.(I don't cook in real life, by the way.)

the food stall entrance

Then we decided to enter one of the stalls to try out their freshly cooked fish. We were not so sure of what to eat so we just ordered by looking at the menu.

the first dish
The first plate that arrived contained nothing but vegetables. I felt as if I was a hamster at that time.

The next plate was fried fish that looked like our local "ikan tamban", and that should be a complimentary dish from the stall owner. It was fried with salt and we were supposed to eat them just like that, no sauce whatsoever.

And the main dish consisted of different kinds of fish, mostly small ones with a few pieces of shrimps and squids, again with a lot of vegetables. The smell of fish stayed on us for quite some time, we still smelled fishy after we arrived at our hotel room. TRAVELLING TIP: I had a feeling that we were overcharged as we had to pay 120 lira for eating fish. And only yesterday, I read someone's review in one of the websites advising tourists not to eat here as it would be very expensive. I just wonder if Malaysians restaurateur or food hawkers do the same thing to tourists eating at their food outlets.

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