Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The evening of the second day in Istanbul was colder and the sky grey with no sign of sunshine at all. Nevertheless, we still decided to explore this bridge and observe the activities around the place. There were too many people, crowded by both the tourists and Istanbullus (I just found this word). People were walking from both directions across the bridge and anglers were absorbed in their own thoughts while waiting for fish to bite their baits.


The bridge comprised of two levels. The roads connecting the lands were on the top level and down one level, there were Turkish restaurants with their waiters/operators trying to lure the tourists who just happened to walk by. Too busy upstairs, too stressful downstairs. :)

One reason why tourists choose to come here is because on a bright sunny day, this place could be a picturesque spot where you could see Istanbul from a different angle. These pictures could turn out much better with sunshine and blue sky, but I am not complaining.

I didn't know whether these people earn a living by fishing or it was just their favourite pastime. They were selling their catch to people who were walking on the bridge straight from the fishing lines. Buying fresh fish was never a problem here.

Istanbul from the other side, across the bridge

NEXT POSTING: What did we find across the bridge?