Saturday, March 2, 2013


If you have read my previous posting, you should notice that shopping in a big bazaar was not my cup of tea. There were quite a number of small shops near the hotel I was staying which sold almost the same things that you would see at the bazaar. One of the attractions of Istanbul would be its glass lamps. They came in variety of colours and sizes, ranging from those you could hang on the ceiling or attach onto a wall or to a simple one which you can put on your coffee table.

When I asked the shopkeeper, how could people differentiate between the lamps which were made in Turkey with the ones that came from China, he said that the colourful glasses of the local products should be much thicker.

I wish I could buy a few of those but bringing them home would be a problem. However, I still bought a small one as a souvenir (from this shop the night before I went back) and even though it was put in my luggage bag, it remained intact and safely placed temporarily on the dinner table in the dining hall.

TRAVELLING TIP: It would be very helpful for you to bring along bubble wrap plastic (and cellophane tape) when you go for a holiday if you think of buying products made of ceramic or glass, or even items which are fragile. You can buy the bubble wrap plastic from a stationery shop.