Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today was recycling day in conjunction with the school's Environment Month. This activity was done as an inter-class competition in which the winner will be given CASH which could be used for their class party later (most probably for Teacher's Day). At the same time, this is one activity for Band 5 that will be taken into account for their Geography and Civic subjects' School Based Assessment (or known as PBS).

While some students were excited to contribute, some just did not care. With the present number of students that we have in school, the collection of old newspaper, books, magazines, boxes and used paper should be more than what we had today.

As for today, the teacher in-charge had only added the weight of the old newspapers accumulated from all the remove and form one classes and we managed to collect about 1300 kilogrammes. We had to separate the old newspapers from other materials as the price was not the same. 

the recycling lorry is here
We will see the response from the form two students tomorrow.