Tuesday, July 9, 2013


After a lot of searching and walking around the place around Yu Yuan Garden, we finally found the spot where a few Muslim restaurants were located. The first one had a big blue sign board with the picture of the owner wearing a "kopiah" - some sort of a hat for Muslim men. However, there were just too many people eating in the shop at that moment, so we had to find another one.

Lucky enough, there was one more eating outlet nearby and without further delay, we got ourselves a place to sit and order. We were sent upstairs where there was a small room - too small when I stood up, my head touched the ceiling.

Again, there was communication problem so we just ordered by looking at the big poster (or menu) and the wall and pinpointed to the food selected. We had the same thing fortunately, so it was easy for both the waiter and the tourists, and we all chose La Mian noodles - noodles that were hand-made and the strands of noodles were produced by pulling the dough.

The food was good and I wonder whether I could get the same noodles here from any Muslim Chinese Restaurant in Malaysia. 

The people here were also friendly and we still tried to "talk" to each other despite the language barrier. In the end, we all took photos together outside the restaurant.